Andrea Hausold - Mar 11, 2008

It is the typical experience to turn a passenger"s business trip or holiday into a nightmare – the surly attendants, the degrading security checks and the hours of needless waiting. This is the whole airport ordeal, which perhaps one in a million look forward to. However, in-depth surveys carried out by the ACI (Airport Council International) have revealed the airports one should go to and avoid around the globe in order to avoid the nightmare scenario feared by many.


The questionnaires were filled in by over 200.000 people around the world and started last year. The main elements taken into account were the facilities on offer and the efficiency with which airport staff deals with security checks and unexpected problems. To many peoples" surprise, the world"s top airport turned out to be the Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea. Nevertheless, when we respect that this airport has now topped the charts for the last three years, the surprise is somewhat quenched.


Incheon is equipped with Korean style spas, a hospital with a chemist, an array of upscale shops and a golf course. Getting a delayed flight there may seem almost like a blessing in disguise. Following in a close second is Kuala Lumpur airport, Singapore Changi claiming the bronze medal. Indeed, the Asia-Pacific region can be proud of officially having the best airports.


Elsewhere, Oporto, Portugal, has been designated the gold medal of the European airports with Dallas Fort Worth claiming the same prize in North America. Tel Aviv was considered to be the best airport in the Middle East.


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