Larry Brain - Apr 30, 2018
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Virtually all issuing markets reported an increase in tourism spending in 2017 according to the UNWTO Global Tourism Barometer. However, who are the biggest travel spenders?

The top 25 emitting markets reported higher international tourism spending in 2017. In 2017, China maintained its position as the world's largest travel spender with $258 billion (+5% in local currency).

The other three BRIC economies all increased their spending substantially in 2017. Russia (+13%) rebounded after a few years of decline, reaching 31 billion dollars, climbing three places to reintegrate the top ten to 8th place.

Brazil (+20%) also recovered strongly, climbing eight places to 16th place with $19 billion in spending. India continued its ascent with a 9% growth in spending to 18 billion dollars, thus moving up 4 places to occupy the 17th rank among the biggest travel spenders.

American travelers spent an additional $12 billion on international tourism, or $135 billion, and are second only to the Chinese. Spending in Germany (3rd market with USD 84 billion) and the United Kingdom (4th with USD 63 billion) increased by 3%, and France (5th with USD 41 billion) by 1%.

Australia (6th) grew by 7% and Canada (7th) by 9%. Korea (9th), where expenditure rose by 9%, and Italy (10th), where it rose by 6%, complete the list of the top ten countries.

Outside this leading group, tourist spending also increased, particularly in Sweden (+14%) and Spain (+12%).

Top 10 Travel Spenders:

1/ China
2/ USA
3/ Germany
4/ UK
5/ France
6/ Australia
7/ Canada
8/ Russia
9/ Korea
10/ Italy

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