Samuel Dorsi - Apr 8, 2019
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The modern traveler loves technology. Many people on the road are willing to pay more for innovative destinations and hotels. presents the most important features, including new technologies, that hotel guests appreciate.  

1. Internet Access Is Standard

Wi-Fi is a basic service that any hotel should offer. For many travelers, internet access is a decisive feature when choosing accommodation. No matter whether they are adventurous tourists, culinary enthusiasts, or leisure tourists, they all seek quality internet connection.

2. Basic Services Need to Be Perfect

In a recent survey, 44.5% of respondents would be willing to pay more for technological and innovative accommodation. However, the hotel always needs to offer basic services, especially regarding the reservation process.

3. Check-out Needs to Be Innovative

The check-out stage is one of the moments that generate the most negative comments on social media. Hotels offering a different experience, including innovative new technologies, boost the guest's loyalty.

4. Web Design and Online Presentation Is Essential

Well managed website of a hotel with all the information that the modern traveler is looking for attracts much more customers. Present the potential guests all the attractions and sights in the area, offer as much information as possible on your destination, and enhance your web presence through SEO and other efficient techniques.

5. Customize the Experience

Get to know your clients, their motivation, desires, and values. Customize their stay in the hotel, generate memorable experiences through innovative technologies. Surprise the guests with customized offers.

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