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Sunshine makes you optimistic, sunshine prevents depression! brings you America’s top 8 sunniest cities according to the list of Matador Trips. All of the cities enjoy sunshine for more than 70 per cent of annual daylight hours. Visit the cities where depression has no chance!

Yuma, Az

90% days of sunshine

Yuma is not only the sunniest city in the USA but according to The Guinness Book of World Records, it is also the sunniest place in the world! The landscape around Yuma is in fact a desert, but thanks to the Colorado and Gila rivers there are many possibilities to enjoy a wide range of water sports and beat the heat!

Las Vegas, NV

85% days of sunshine

This city definitely does not know the word darkness! The sun is shining 85% of the year in Las Vegas and at night the sun is replaced by the neon of the numerous casinos. But there is more Las Vegas has to offer the visitors than craps tables and glittering lights of the strip. Bikers, hikers and rock climbers can visit the Red Rock Canyon; Lake Mead is a good place where to go to escape the heat. Swimming in cool water is always the best choice.

El Paso, TX

84% days of sunshine

The history of El Paso and its future is tied to its sister metropolis Ciudad Juárez, the city that lies across the river. Several festivals give people an excuse to get out under sunny skies. Fiesta de las Flores takes place every Labor Day weekend, Día de los Muertos (late October, early November) commemorates the cultural connections between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. La Que Buena Gordita festival is an opportunity for fans of Mexican cuisine. Nothing else sounds more delicious in El Paso!

Albuquerque, NM

76% days of sunshine

Albuquerque is the largest city of New Mexico, and its inhabitants are renowned for taking advantage of the outdoors. Albuquerque is located between the Rio Grande and Sandia Mountains and offers its visitors wide range of activities: from golf to hang gliding. The city hosts Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every October. The Fiesta lasts for 9 days and it is the largest festival of this type in the world. You can see more than 700 balloons there.

Key West, FL

76% days of sunshine

Key West mixes the mild temperatures with sunshine, which is an ideal combination. It is the southernmost continental city of the US and also famous as a haunt of Hemingway. The ocean offers wide range of activities from testing the softness of the sand to deep sea excursions. The Old Town is an ideal place for two wheels explorations, so rent a bike and explore the city!

Lake Charles, LA

72% days of sunshine

Lake Charles is located in Louisiana famous for its petrochemical industry. The city has however much to offer to its visitors. It is the center of Cajun culture and its dozens of annual fiestas have earned it a nickname – “The Festival Capital of Louisiana”.  Lake Charles Mardi Grass still draws the crowds. Parades, live-music, and a gumbo cook off, that is why people go there. The Lake Charles festival has more family-friendly atmosphere than the one in the New Orleans. Later in the year the Contraband Days Festival lures attention of many history lovers.

Grand Junction, CO

71% days of sunshine

Grand Junction is the largest city on the Colorado’s Western Slope. It is not far away from the Colorado National Monument  (and, further a field,  Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park) so it offers wide range of activities from whitewater rafting to hiking and biking and anything you can think of. Even winters are in Grand Junction very sunny, so do not forget your sunglasses.

Honolulu, HI

71% days of sunshine

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaiian Islands and it has been a beacon for sun seekers for centuries. It is not necessary to describe the beauty of Hawaiian beaches – they are world known. Diamond Head Crater and the tropical mountains of interior Oahu offer a unique possibility for hiking. Honolulu also hosts the sixth-largest marathon in the world. So if you are keen on running, go to Honolulu and take part!

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  1. What criteria was used to determine the sunniest city? Did the city have to be a certain size in population, land mass or other?

  2. I suggest proofing your articles before publishing them....Read Grand Junction's description....

  3. Your article inaccurately states that Albuquerque lies between the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande. However, Albuquerque actually extends much past the western banks of the Rio Grande - see West Side of Albuquerque.

  4. Redding CA is sunny 88% of the time, beating Las Vegas' 85%.

    Wes (USA)

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