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Opera Houses with their magnificence are an amazing symbol and portrayal of drama, history, music and arts. There are a number of remarkable Opera Houses throughout the world which display stunning architecture and design. presents seven of the most exceptional opera houses in the world for all the opera lovers as well as tourists.

7) Paris Opéra, Paris, France

The gorgeously ornamented structure of this opera house with its crowning dome was built in the year 1875. Its theater is suitable for ballet as well as for opera. Many of the greatest ceremonial spaces in the world are present in the Paris Opéra.
The central facade of the Opéra is a wonderful sight in Paris. The strikingly rich interiors of this building capture the attitude of the Second Empire of France. New frescoes were created in 1962 in the center of its ceiling and complement the opera house's beauty.

6) Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House is situated on a spit of land that juts out into the Sydney harbor. The Opera House was inaugurated in the year 1973. Its first performance for the public was War and Peace by Prokofiev. This contemporary Opera House has some spectacular views of the water full of beautiful sailboats. Jørn Utzon designed its structure and it suggests a series of overlapping shells as well as sails. Each theater is paneled with various types of wood which enhances the theatre's acoustic qualities and make it pleasing aesthetically. Some tourists visit the opera house only to have a look at the remarkable building.  A number of tours are offered frequently here.

5) The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia

The Bolshoi is gifted with one of the most amazing symphony orchestras in the world. It is one of the premier theaters of Russia and has survived war, fire and revolution. The Bolshoi was closed in the year 2005 for the purpose of interior renovations and was later reopened in the fall of 2011. Its gorgeous neoclassical portico is adorned with a statue of Apollo in his chariot. This feature is a remarkable addition to its extremely beautiful and elaborate splendor that it displays on the inside which is hugely appreciated by the visitors. The orchestra is surrounded by four balconies and a gallery at the top. The lovely stage of The Bolshoi is known for its greatly admired ballet company. Yuri Grigorovich choreographed the wonderful and unforgettable productions of Swan Lake, Romanda and The Golden Age here.

4) The Royal Opera House, London, England

Since the early 18th century an opera house has stood in the current location of the Royal Opera House situated at the Covent Garden. The present building is the third structure here.
George Handel wrote a number of operas as well as oratorios exclusively for this place. His operas were the first ever to be performed here. From the year 1735 until his death in the year 1759, he gave regular seasonal performances at the Royal Opera House.

3) Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The design and structuring of this opera house is a result of the amazing talents of many architects working together. This makes the building incorporate a number of unique styles associated and amalgamated from various European theaters. It was completed by opera-loving locals in the year 1908. Teatro Colon adorns elaborate and lavish costumes as well as scenic construction departments. The outstanding record of some of the greatest performances done in this grand opera house is matched only by the host of well-known artists who have glorified the stage here.

2) Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy

Teatro di San Carlo was inaugurated in 1737 and was built by King Charles of Bourbon. It is the oldest working theater in the world and is magnificently designed with red and gold. It was the most prestigious theatre in Italy until La Scala was built. Some of the most famous operas of the composer and artist Gioachino Rossini were premiered on the stage here.

1) La Scala, Milan, Italy

Teatro alla Scala, Milan, is the most popular opera house in the world. Its name comes up immediately with the mere mention of the word "Opera". The concave channel under the wooden floor of the orchestra is the most insightful feature of this opera house and is said to provide the house with its amazing acoustics. Teatro alla Scala was built in the year 1778 and marks the unforgettable talents of Bellini, Rossini, Verdi and Donizetti. It is adorned with four tiers each with a separate loge.

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