Ashley Nault - Jul 5, 2021
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The much-awaited tourism recovery seems to be here. It has been said several times that now is the time for innovation of travel businesses since the post-covid era has brought specific situation with specific demands. Tourism Review presents a list of some good practices to adopt to increase the company’s visibility among customers.

1 - Focus on Social Networks 

This is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice today. Social media are all tools for maintaining the connection. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, keep posting regularly. This will be an opportunity to increase the visibility of your products and, consequently, to increase your sales (even with only a few accessible destinations! ). To do this, be inventive. Authentic photos, unusual or exclusive experiences, interaction with your customers (surveys, games, quizzes, events and live chats)... There is no shortage of tools to engage Internet users today. And don't forget, among all your publications, to propose ideas for stays, to refer to your website and to highlight promotions.

In addition to the must-haves, also create profiles on Pinterest, TikTok or even Youtube, which are popular with the younger generations. Developing your agency's or company's presence there will allow you to target a new audience, and consequently expand your customer base.

2 - Assert Your Presence in the Agency

The web is important, but the physical relationship is even more important. If you are back in the agency, make your presence felt as much as possible to bring the customer back.

This advice is all the more essential as most markets are characterized by the importance of the direct relationship with the salesperson to complete a purchase. A day or two of opening per week, if possible, can only be beneficial for business. To do this, show that you are present. For example, by putting up a poster announcing the opening of the agency and by communicating on social networks.

Make the agency attractive by highlighting leading brands and products, investing in décor and enhancing the visibility of the storefront, which is also highly regarded by the customer before they enter. Finally, take all the necessary sanitary precautions to ensure that the customer comes back with confidence.

3 - Highlight Promotions

Keeping your customers is of course about keeping them loyal. As we mentioned earlier, communicating on promotions is essential for this. 

You don't want your customers to feel forgotten. If they have given you their contact information in the past, don't hesitate to contact them again with special offers or products they might not have thought of. According to the latest Smart Retail barometer, 68% of buyers say they expect information on promotions if they have provided their personal data. So there is a real expectation! As not all destinations are available yet, don't hesitate to direct them to countries, cities, hotels or clubs they might not have thought of.

Unprecedented situation obliges, many tour operators or hotel establishments propose attractive offers to make tourists come back. List them regularly to relay them as soon as possible!

4 - Use the New Technological Tools

Videoconferencing applications have massively developed during the crisis to allow companies to adapt their relational strategy. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype... There is no shortage of tools today to exchange information remotely, from a computer or a smartphone. A real advantage for tourism companies, which can adapt their relational strategy more easily and better connect with their customers. Much more than a simple phone call, video conferencing will allow you - when you are not present in the agency - to bring more dynamism in your exchanges, but also to guess more easily the state of mind and the desires of your interlocutor. Facial expressions do not deceive! It is also an opportunity for you to show your (potential) clients that you remain active even in times of crisis.

Optimize your use of these applications by familiarizing yourself with the many tools offered: video broadcasting, document sharing or instant messaging.

5 - Communicate, Communicate and Communicate

Social networks, agencies, promotions, technological tools... You have at your disposal all the necessary devices to communicate in the best (and most) possible way.

In recent months, some companies - although heavily impacted - have not forgotten to communicate. If activities are still limited, it is indeed necessary to think about the future. Getting ready for recovery means showing that you are capable of considering the post-crisis period. First of all by announcing upcoming stays, new brochures to be published, new establishments to be opened... and many more. Coming out of the crisis is also an opportunity to communicate differently, for example on your environmental commitments, your social values or simply on your raison d'être. It's also an opportunity to create additional links with your customers, who will discover another facet of your company.  

Why not create your newsletter, launch a blog, regularly publish practical advice to your customers or promote ideas for stays? Everything is possible!

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