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If you believe that highways are unduly calm, then you should try out your confidence by travelling on some of the most unsafe roads in the world. As you travel, you will need to steer clear of a hazardous drop off a rocky precipice and an obstacle in the middle of a road, ride along dangerous curves, avoid on-coming vehicles, or tackle a lengthy muddy path. The following is a listing of the top 10 most hazardous roads on the globe. Brought to you by

10/ The Tongtian Highway in Zhangjiajie, China

This road is situated at Tianmen Mountain's National Forest Park which is in the north west of Hunan province in China. This road is a twisted mountain road that leads to the well-known Tianmen Cave at the very top of the mountain. The road is 6.21 miles (10 km) long and between 656.17 feet (200 meters) and 3,937 feet (1,200 meters) above sea level. The road has a whopping 99 sharp turns.

9/ Trollstigen Road in Norway

In Norwegian language, the word 'Trollstigen' means "Trolls Ladder". This road has several sharp and narrow bends. It is situated in the southwestern part of Norway. It has an average slope of about 9 degrees and 11 very sharp turns at 2,800 ft. above sea level. Vehicles are not allowed to ply the road any more.

8/ Stelvio Pass in Italy

It is situated on the eastern side of the Alps, very close to the Swiss border. This road is considered hazardous because it has 48 sharp turns at over 9,000 feet above sea level. It is one of the country's most winding roads. Even though it does not have any high cliffs, motorists are advised to ride very slowly.

7/ Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

Thirteen neighboring communities built this road located in China's Taihang Mountains. It took about 5 years to construct. Some villagers even died in accidents during construction. This road is 15 feet high, 12 feet wide and about 0.81 miles long. It is extremely scary. There are 30 tunnel windows that give drivers a unique view of the Taihang Mountains.

6/ Fairy Meadows Road in Pakistan

The road is located at the bottom of the 26,200-foot high Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain on earth. The Fairy Meadows is actually a very beautiful destination. It is a 6 mile long bumpy gravel road but it has no safety guardrails, and it takes about one hour to travel through it.

5/ Los Caracoles Pass in Chile and Argentina

It is located in the Andres Mountains and passes through Chile and Argentina. This road has several hairpin turns and hard switchbacks but it has no safety guardrail. The entire stretch is covered with snow almost throughout the year. And this makes driving even more perilous.

4/ Atlas Mountains Road in Morocco

This road is situated between Marrakech and Quarzazate in the Atlas Mountains region of Morocco. It has several twists and turns. Driving on it poses a true test of skills and wits for motorists. This 117 mile stretch takes nearly four hours. But the grandiose mountain view is a beautiful experience.

3/ Col de Turini in France

This road is used as a high mountain pass in the French Alps by the Alpes-Maritimes department. It has an altitude of about 5,200 feet. The Monte Carlo Rally is one the famous events that occurs hear every January. This road has up to 34 sharp turns. It is however regarded as a very 'charming' road.

2/ James Dalton Highway in the U.S.

This road is 414 miles long. It is a bumpy gravel road starting at Elliott highway in the northern part of Fairbanks. It terminates at Dead Horse, close to the Arctic Ocean. It was constructed to support the Trans-Alaska Pipelines. Only heavy vehicles ply this route.

1/ Old Yungas Road in Bolivia

This is the world's most dangerous road. You may even call it "Road of Death". It has claimed thousands of lives – about 200 to 300 annually. This road is very narrow and constantly enveloped in vapors and thick fog. It twists and turns for nearly 40 miles as you travel from La Paz to Coroico. There is no protection from the steep cliffs. Its highest altitude is over 3,000 meters. Fortunately, another bypass was recently constructed.

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  1. You sould add on roads in Kariba, Nyanga, Chmanimani, Vumba in imbabwe

    Becky (Zimbabwe)

    Abhijeet (India)
  3. Morocco's number 4 ranking road, commonly known as the Tishkka (ironically similar to the indigenous TashlHite word for difficult, \"ishqa\"), is absolutely one of the most petrifying and beautiful travel experiences one can have. Unfortunately, the picture is of another infamous Moroccan road leading up the Dades Gorge, north of Kelaa M\'Gouna.

    sshiel (USA)

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