Tomas Haupt - Jun 4, 2012

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t travel to interesting places. Check out the top 10 best value destination countries / regions worldwide and plan a trip with family or friends soon!

North-eastern America

There is a new cheaper way to travel to Boston, New York and Washington D.C. There are budget bus companies that have rates as low as $5 one way. It’s just as comfortable as traveling by car or by plane just without the worry of high gasoline prices or expensive airline bookings. With cost-effective transportation, it really is a value destination.


Japan is a very lovely country. It holds ancient structures and a unique culture that makes it the best destination in the orient. However, the earthquake last year took a toll on the country’s tourism thus resorting to significantly cheaper travel rates. In cities, you can actually find a Minshuku, or Ryokan guesthouse for as low as $37. Entrance fee to museums are just 10% of what you would normally pay for when visiting a European country. Plus, the best things in Japan are free like the beautiful gardens and ancient temples.


An adventure in Tajikistan, Central Asia is what you need to rejuvenate your being. With its scenic view and stunning primitive architecture, you are in for a great ride. It’s not even that expensive. For $300, you can already hire a Lada with a chauffeur to tour you to the Afghan border, 2-millenium old stone buildings, cartoon-style strongholds, and hot springs. Accommodations can be home stays or an actual yurt to let you feel the nomadic ways, and that for just $10 each person. What a great deal and a great travel destination!

Porto, Portugal

Porto, the second largest city in Portugal and also one of the oldest in Europe, is an interesting tourism destination. It is a value destination because its majestic churches, elaborate structures, azuelo tiled buildings, and delightful rivers can be accessed with inexpensive rates.

Accommodations from its traditionally designed inns are as low as 25 Euros or in historic homes for 60 Euros. Your transportation can range from 1 to 20 Euros may it be on a tram, a ferry, or a boat.


The Kingdom of Lesotho, the tourism destination which holds few of the world’s cannibal caves, crafts markets, and dinosaur footprints. Isn’t it interesting? It is the traveler’s adventure of a lifetime. The mountainous destination gives a rustic atmosphere that you will love. The best part is, you can get overnight trips, a pony, food and guide to this astonishing land starting at $50.

Iquitos, Peru

It’s the Amazons, only cheaper. Iquitos, Peru is in the Department of Loreto and covers most of Northern Amazon. Being in a strategic location such as this, you can enjoy traveling to piranha spots, lush forests, and go looking for pink dolphins at a much cheaper rate. By going directly to Iquitos, which is not accessible by road by the way, you can cut as much as half of your traveling expenses rather than getting an Amazon cruise.

San Francisco, California

Oh, San Fran! It is a travel destination indeed. You can view and walk on the Golden ridge, go artsy with an array of free art galleries, walk on breezy Pacific beaches absolutely free. In Union Square, you can even stay at a boutique for as low as $100. As for your transportation, you can use the Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART rather than having to pay expensive taxi fares. If you get hungry, go for a “Mission Burrito”, a meal for just $5.

Ohrid, Macedonia

A spot in Europe that is all that. With vineyards as one of its attractions, a beautiful lake, a small but charming town, and a Byzantine church to top it off. You can experience this for 10 Euros or less in a private room or in a villa just under 50 Euros.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Try a little something out of Ho Chi Minh City and experience the life in Vietnam. Instead of getting package trips that only brings you to places you have seen and heard, why not try Mekong Delta and make it a do-it-yourself trip by taking public transportation. The most you can spend on it is $10 while for accommodations, $25.

Merida, Mexico

Get the best out of Mexico in Merida. You can find the best food, the best crowd and scenic architecture for less. You can even take a trip to villages and mangroves for $17 per person. A great deal indeed.

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  1. How about Albania? Beaches, Mountains, Middle-aged style cities, Rich folklore and much more with only 25 EUR/Night in a hotel. Basically every type of tourist attraction in a small and economic country.

    Arber (Albania)

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