Larry Brain - Mar 19, 2012
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Tokyo is keeping pace with the rising popularity of ecotourism. A fabulous new eco-friendly park was opened recently and its reputation is growing.

Luckily for the environment, tourists are becoming increasingly interested in ecotourism and often insist on traveling in the most eco-friendly way. Whether it is the means of travel, the choice of hotel or even the restaurant, the activities one indulges in, this approach is very considerate of nature. Eco-fans who plan to visit Tokyo, Japan, have now one extra stop to put on their list – the Yoyogi Village.

Yoyogi Village was designed to be one with nature and is divided into zones which promote the balance between fun and ecology. The project was first introduced by the music producer Takeshi Kobayashi. He envisaged a place which would encourage a healthy approach to nature and its resources and offer a comfortable haven to escape the rushes of the city.

He succeeded and only a few months ago opened the Yoyogi retreat. Its diverting design separates the two zones so that these do not collide with one another. The Container zone appeals to shopping fans; it features clothing stores, book shops, a travel agent and even an art gallery. The Village Zone, on the other hand, lures music fans with Kobayashi’s music bar, posh dining facilities, and a holistic mind and body centre found their way in here.

The greenery in the retreat features a diversity of plants and flowers from the entire world and local garden is a work of art. Even lighting plays a crucial role here at Yoyogi Village and visiting the place by night and by day are two completely different experiences. A definite highlight is the Code Kurkku, an Italian restaurant which has already received a great amount of praise.

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