Dan Rang - Mar 3, 2020
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Hilton Hotels and Wyndham Hotels are some of the biggest names in the industry. Everyone knows that if you want to stay in a good place you look for established hotel chains, so new hotel owners should probably pay attention to what these historic hotels have done.

Genuine Uniqueness

The reality is that vacationers want a hotel to give them an experience they haven't had before. They want vacations to feel like they walked into a dream and that is what a hotel should offer.

This is one reason the castles for rent in Europe are one of the most coveted since it gives travelers a chance to feel like royalty. This is the reason tree hotel rooms are so popular when vacationers stumble on them. Hotel owners want to find a way to make them stand out.

Moving Forward

Historic hotels definitely have touches that help visitors see why they've been around. You are probably going to see awards they've received in the past, or you'll see how long the hotel has been standing.

You'll see black and white pictures of what the hotel looked like years ago, but successful hotels don't allow those things to stop the future. This is not to say that hotel chains aren't proud of their heritage, but they also know that hotel visitors are still expecting modern conveniences, no matter what. Some of the best hotels are now using data collection in order to anticipate the kind services guests want during their stay, which improves response times.

Consumer Satisfaction

Finding ways to ensure that customers are happy with the services is another way historic hotel has continued to beat competitors. One way hotel owners have done this is by using data to respond better, which was just mentioned but there is so much more.

Historic hotels have also learned the art of hospitality, making sure that all staff members respond to request with a smile and quick turnaround. These hotel owners have also taken communication seriously, trying to inform their guests of the steps being taken to ensure their happiness. Little things like this make it easier for hotel guests to say their needs weren't met.

Centered Around Beauty

Successful hotels have also made sure their hotels exude beauty in as many ways as possible. This is the reason decor is such a big deal in some of the most historically successful hotels. You'll see things like chandeliers, beautiful antiques, and beautiful lighting all around great hotels.

Some hotels commission artists to create pieces unique to their establishments among many other things. Good hotels don't only concentrate on making sure their lobbies look great, but they also take guest rooms seriously. Some hotel rooms offer roof access in each room so that they can have breakfast on the roof. Other hotel rooms offer smart fireplaces that are safe and give the hotel room a cozy feeling. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the beautification of a hotel.

Focus on Simplicity

Being able to respond to guests is perhaps one of the biggest things hotel owners must get right. The best hotels have learned that the most effective way to respond to guests quickly is to eliminate as many protocols as possible.

If an employee cannot respond to the needs of a guest, he or she has to get the request approved by a committee of managers, then this hotel is going to have a hard time responding. The more autonomy each employee has the better. In order to ensure that a hotel chain can do this, it must make sure each employee is not only trained well but also paid well. Happy employees are the kind of employees who will be more than happy to represent the hotel's name proudly.

Guests who stay in good hotels are going to feel and see the difference immediately. Hotel owners who get these things right are going to start seeing progress given enough time, which hopefully, happens often because that'll create a happier traveler.

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