Chris Grad - Aug 12, 2008
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Health and healthy lifestyle have become very important and relevant topics which people are quite aware of. The trend of modern busy lifestyle is to invest in some quality time and money in relaxation. Diverse spa treatments, new revolutionary products and services which one expected to receive in the far future are already spoiling our senses. What has been known in Asia for some time is now raising the eyebrows of pedicure lovers in Washington D.C. A completely different concept of the pedicure procedure has been introduced here – and is becoming immensely popular.


The idea of putting one’s feet in a comfortably warm tank with water full of sea salts is really soothing. How shocking would this process become, if all the work would not be done by a skilled professional with a razor in their hand, but with a hundred of tiny fish? The five thousand customers who have tried this new treatment in D.C. claim there’s nothing better.


Naturally, one needs to get used to it. Initially, the process may tickle slightly, yet eventually, one gets accustomed to it. The garra rufa, or ‘doctor fish’ as they are commonly called, work very gently and as they do not have proper teeth to really ‘bite’, they only clean away what a regular razor would.


This new trend may become very popular. In fact, recently, state regulators in Virginia expressed their concerns over whether razors are sanitary. The fish – on the other hand – do not raise any suspicion at all.


After fifteen minutes with feet in the tank, the customers receive a standard pedicure. The price of this bizarre and slightly ticklish procedure is between $35 and $50, depending on the duration. Even though many experts agree that similar salons are unlikely to open, the little doctors may prove them wrong very soon and win over the millions of those, who regularly get pedicures.

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