Larry Brain - Jun 17, 2008

Who are the best and worst tourists in the world? That is the question Expedia, the leading internet travel agent, asked in its recent survey examining the hoteliers’ opinion. What are the results?


In Europe the hotel owners labeled as the worst tourists the British. However, hoteliers in other parts of the world gave the British the silver medal.


Among the criteria of the survey were various categories such as willingness of the tourists to try out local cuisine, learn the local language, manners, general behavior and cleanliness. Unsurprisingly, leaving rooms in a state of total mess was the factor which tended to annoy hoteliers the most. The gold medal in the world awards went to the Japanese. These were the tourists who almost all hoteliers would like to see back in their hotels.


Second came the British (on a worldwide scale), whereas the Canadians and the Swiss tied for third place. In fact, the Canadians were the only so-called ‘best’ tourists to be voted by their own people. Probably the hotel owners outside of Canada realize that the world does not only consist of Canadians.


American tourists were found to be the most generous, closely followed by the Russians and the Canadians, yet the Russians and the Americans scored relatively low in other categories. Indeed, the Americans actually finished up in 11th place. Perhaps the American and Russian idea of a clean and tidy hotel room differs from that of everybody else’s idea.

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  1. Funny. I like this kind of research:)

  2. its funny that in some european resorts irish people will notice that the people working there will seem a bit cold and annoyed but thats only because the think you're british. as soon as you tell the you are irish they are much more freindly and willing to talk

    jack (Ireland)

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