Cecilia Garland - Jul 26, 2010

Pyramids have always lured tourists because of their grandness. You can find the most popular ones in Egypt and in Mexico but there are more of them around the world. Greek peninsula has 16 pyramids and few of them are in Italy too. Yet others can be found in the Ukraine. Asia has its legendary ziggurats of the city of Ur but there are also pyramids in China and Japan.


Mexico is the place to go if you are interested in pyramids, since it is well-know for them. Twice a year, during solstice, one can observe the statue of Mayan snake god Kukulkan moving in El Castillo, Chichen Itza. Shadows create such an illusion that people really believe the statue is moving.

Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, belong undoubtedly among the most popular ones between tourists. Nevertheless, portal  informs that during day one may also see the dark side of the ancient city: crowds of beggars, people selling marihuana and piles of garbage in the streets. This all is also part of Egypt. Seeing the pyramid, however, is unquestionably a unique experience. In 19th century tourists were allowed to climb the pyramids, however nowadays it is prohibited and people can 'only' go inside. Some carvings into the ancient stones from the days when visitors could go up the pyramids remained preserved until today.

Less known and naturally less visited are the pyramids in Japan. They are actually 25 meters under the water. The tops of the pyramids are only 5 meters below sea level and sometimes they are visible from air. The complex is in sea some 60 kilometers off Okinawa. Experts assume they could be some 8000 years old, mainly because at that time sea level were 30 meters lower than today.

Chinese officials do not want to talk about their pyramids but arguably some 38 of these structures should be located around the city of Xian. These are said to be former tombs of Chinese monarchs. The site of the famous terracotta army should be only two kilometers from there.

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