Anna Luebke - Jul 22, 2008
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The unofficial contest for the world’s most beautiful flag finished on July 7th. A reader of, a Spanish daily, came with the idea to give other people the possibility to choose the most beautiful flag in the world.

The reader created an online poll to make the voting possible. The idea has become incredibly popular among the readers. During the first four days over 2,000 comments were left on the page and approximately 100,000 people voted.  The voting took place in rounds. The voters could give their favorite flag one to five points. Each round lasted two days and at the end of each round five flags with the least points were eliminated.

What is the most beautiful flag in the world? After 48 days of voting Mexico has become an obvious winner with striking 901,627 points. Number two was Peru with 340,901 points and number three was Guatemala with 272,541 points. Then came Dominican Republic, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina respectively. The ninth position was gained by the only non Hispanic country in the top 10, by Canada. The last was Puerto Rico.

Even though the poll was unofficial, it has gained the attention of a number of Spanish-speaking media and thus provided an awareness boost to and Mexico. The poll was naturally not very representative as the majority of the voters were Spanish-speaking enthusiasts. It is apparent from the results of the poll as well as from the fact that all the instructions to the poll were provided in Spanish only and on a web portal based in Spain.

The winning Mexican flag comprises of three stripes. Green is said to represent the hope of the independence movement, white is for purity and red symbolizes bravery and blood of national heroes. In the middle of the banner is a caracara holding a snake in its mouth, perching on a cactus, it is a reference to an ancient Aztec myth.

Just like the flag of Spain, the colors and symbols of each flag usually have specific meanings. The flag design is often the embodiment of national culture and history. The flag is an important identification symbol. They are widely used in our life. We usually put flag custom pins on our clothes, bags, or caps. They are not only good decoration but also a nice identification. On National Day, you can see many custom flags stickers, or posters on the windows which show their blessings and wishes to the country. In some political activities, people express their demands with custom flag stickers or custom pins. What other interesting occasions do you see people wearing flag pins, welcome to participate in the discussion.

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  1. Just a mark, my friend.

    Brazil is not a hispanic country.

  2. God, Brazil is not a Hispanic country

    chris (Canada)
  3. I dont have wan

    I vote for Mexico.

    Emiliano Salazar Puig (Mexico)
  4. Best flag seriously

    Pakistan flag is just perfect

    Just desserts (Pakistan)
  5. A beautiful flag

    The Portuguese flag is beautiful and has a lot of history.

    Adele (Portugal)
  6. Hi

    Viva mexico ❤️CABRONES❤️☺️????????????

    Miica (Mexican) (Afghanistan)
  7. history

    Latin America encompasses 22 nations across Central and South America that share many cultural and economic commonalities. ... Geographically and organizationally, Brazil is considered part of Latin America.


    ( least we made it into the Top Ten! )

    Karen Blackie (Afghanistan)
  9. Indian flag

    Indian flag is the most beautiful flag in the world as it is the simplest designed flag that anyone in the world can easily understand it.....JAI HIND.

    Birat Bhaumik (India)
  10. Indian flag is most beautiful

    It's the most beautiful flag as it contain 3 colours which describes the saffron (orange) stands for sacrifice and courage, white stands for peace and truth, green stands faith and chivalry and in middle of the white stripe contain a Ashoka chakra

    Anjali Ghumbare (India)
  11. Most beautiful flag

    Definitely South Africa. The new South African flag is the most beautiful flag on the world, Mexico is very close to South Africa must say but congratulations for winning!

    Moleleki (Kagiso) (South Africa)
  12. beaner

    Mexico has one of the most beautiful flags itw imo (yes im a bit biased) but it's obvious this competition wasn't fair because it's in Spanish giving the Latin American nations a huge boost, and also Mexico is one of the most populated countries in the Americas and the people there are very nationalist and take these things seriously so obviously they were gonna win. I really like the Estonian, French, and Dominican Republic flags as well though.

    fidel pewewe (Antigua and Barbuda)
  13. ?

    Let's go! My country is in second place! Peru hasn't been in second place for anything in some time ;)

    A llama (Peru)
  14. FLAGS

    Personally, I think that Japan has the nicest flag because it is simple and the big red circle represents the cherry blossom on the cherry blossom tree, I am not really sure...

    Lizzie (United Kingdom)
  15. Map flag

    Map flag represents the rising Sun , I'm pretty sure , not the cherry blossom .

    Barry (Afghanistan)
  16. Japan. Land of the rising sun

    Good evening,
    The red circle on a Japanese flag does not represent a cherry blossom.

    Shelley (Afghanistan)
  17. Brazil is not hispanic, even though it's part of Latin America

    @SANDRA K. ESPITIA, please note the difference:
    - Hispanic countries: Countries that have Spanish as their official language
    - Latin America countries: Countries that are on Latin America, which includes some non-hispanic countries, like Brazil, whose population speaks Portuguese, not Spanish.
    So Brazil is not Hispanic, even though it's part of Latin America. This article wrongly implied Brazil is Hispanic, by saying "The ninth position was gained by the only non Hispanic country in the top 10, by Canada".

    Fabio (Canada)
  18. Best flag

    The best flag in the world by far is the Welsh flag, hands down no contest.

    Chris (Afghanistan)
  19. Best flags

    The best flags are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Bhutan.

    Art (Afghanistan)
  20. And my winner is...

    ... Irani flag. Im not asiatic, not even religious but Irani current flag is astounding aestetically. On the other hand, Ivory Coast's flag's colors are, to me, the most appealing a flag, not in war context, provide

    Mare Oyun (Afghanistan)
  21. Most beautiful & elegant flag!

    To me it’s the Philippines flag. So elegantly designed, so gorgeous.

    Allan (Afghanistan)
  22. Most Beautiful and meaningful flag

    I guess the most beautiful flag is the SRI LANKAN flag

    a Sri Lankan (Sri Lanka)
  23. White Flag of Surrender

    Perhaps the oldest and most important universal symbol in world history.

    Royal Cubits (Afghanistan)
  24. Pakistan

    Pakistani Flag has most appropriate colors.

    Zulfiqar Rathore (Pakistan)

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