Justin N. Froyd - Oct 21, 2008

One of Europe’s smallest states, Andorra, may not be famous for many things, yet it certainly lays claim to the world’s largest, longest and most spectacular toboggan track. The track is named Tobotronic, a dynamic name for surely one of the most dynamic ideas in tourism of Europe. Situated on the La Rabassa mountain, the toboggan track not only has the advantage of being high up, yet also provides those who do not need to keep their eyes fixed on the track at all times with the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular La Rabassa forest scenery, which surrounds the mountain.


To be perfectly honest, the amateur tobogganists are very unlikely to be scouring around for the sake of catching a beautiful view when tackling the brutal style bends on the track. Indeed, although the official language of Andorra is Catalan, it is important to understand the Spanish word ‘frenar’, meaning ‘brake’, which is scattered around the 5200 meter long track. Riders are entrusted with braking themselves. Although accidents are extremely unlikely, it is important to understand this principle. The fact that the steel-rail carriages are able to hold 2 people at a time, may lead to some arguments. Whereas it is more fun to tackle the 6-minute ride downhill without braking, those who do not wish to loose a limb, burn themselves or see their lunch again should really use the brakes. The fact that the attraction is 2000 meters above sea level may lead to a lack of rational thinking for some.


The ride provides guaranteed fun for all, without necessarily burning holes in the pockets. The unique experience costs EUR 8.5 for adults, whose children are welcome to join for EUR 5.5. It as experience to take home forever for those wishing to boast about having lived through the world’s longest toboggan course.


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