Kevin Eagan - Feb 19, 2008

At 700ft in length, 170ft in depth and 270ft in width, the world’s first flying hotel is reminiscent of a craft seen in the children’s TV program ‘Thunderbirds’. However, it is not something coming to eat all our animals, vegetation and people thus causing mass destruction to the human race. Instead, the French invention is set to make many headlines around its year of completion, expected to be 2020.


The hotel is set to fly using helium, gas which is running out around the globe, therefore ruling out the possibility of calling the hotel green. Nevertheless, one huge advantage in terms of the environment is that it will certainly distract the trash caused by tourism in already polluted tourist resorts such as India, Thailand and the Caribbean.


Thus, the hotel shall be beneficial for residents of these countries as pollution should be reduced and beneficial for tourists as they avoid the burden of having to find accommodation and stay in monotonous hotels. The main benefit for many destinations will be the publicity they are bound to receive from such a rare and spectacular idea. It is not every day that something resembling a gigantic electronic whale passes over your country.


The flying hotel has been worked on since 2005 in France under the leadership of Frenchman Jean-Marie Massaud and his team. It is expected to have around 20 rooms, therefore space for 40 passengers to embark on this super-modern airborne cruise of the world. The top speed of the flying hotel is estimated at 105 miles per hour and the French team expects it to be able to cover around 3100 miles without having to refuel. Indeed, the use of helium for the luxury voyages is expected to save time on fuel issues. Perhaps after 2020, many worldwide UFO sighting could be written off as merely being hotels.


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