Bill Alen - Feb 27, 2007

Belize is one of those countries favoured by newly-married couples as their honeymoon destination. It is an unbelievably romantic state, with its panoramic views, natural wonders and the phenomenal Mayan cultural heritage. However, adventure seekers will find this place incredible, as Belize may turn out to be the biggest adventure of their lives. And what about hiking through the jungle, exploring the vast dark caves and underwater rivers, or scuba-diving and snorkeling?


Jungle tours and expeditions are one of many attractions designed for tourists with a taste for danger. Local Bushman guides take the adventurers on challenging trips through the jungle. Here, tourists get the opportunity to practice their survival skills or to visit some impressive ancient ruins and altars created by the Mayan civilization. The choices are wide; any enthusiast may go for a day-trip, or try a dangerous three-day hiking trip that includes spending a night in the jungle. The ultimate challenge however, is the four-day/ three-night adventure. To participate the travelers must be fit and prepared to face some real jungle danger.


Another ‘treasure’ to be found in Belize is the largest network of rainforest limestone caves in the Americas. Visitors to these will get a unique chance to observe the astonishing stalactites and stalagmites, pigmentless fish, bats and whip scorpions. Another way of exploring the caves is a guided floating tour on the astounding underground rivers.


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