Sara Thopson - Nov 20, 2007

Australia possesses a great number of priceless charms, which keep on luring tourists who never get tired of exploring this strange country. One of its most appealing aspects is Australia’s marine diversity. It is very happily situated and the Great Barrier Reef presents a marine wonder. Divers consider it their paradise. It is located some 72 kilometers off the coast of the coast of Queensland, Australia. It was discovered in 1843 and due to its size; the island never functioned as a frequented resort. On the other hand, thanks to this exclusively limited rate of visitors, the island has become a nesting site for precious turtles.


As early as 1943, this coral cay was declared a National Park. Heron Island is one of the few islands accessible to tourists that is actually on the Great Barrier Reef. The size of the island is really small. It is 800 meters long and at its widest point, 300 meters wide. The most appealing activity is of course diving and snorkeling. Boats take local visitors the Marine Centers or to valuable diving sites around the reefs, where the marine views are extraordinary. The reef fauna is a truly unforgettable spectacle.


Between November and March, female green and loggerhead sea turtles nest on the local beech. Experienced guides take the tourists to various sites on the island. Video and slide-show presentations and telescope sky viewings are also one of the attractive options for the incoming guests. Children are very welcome here, as the Junior Ranger Program allows them to participate in many fun and educating activities useful to teach them about the wildlife and the environment.


All guests need to keep in mind how rare the Heron Island and its inhabitants are. Everyone needs to follow the many protective rules set up by Australian authorities in order to avoid even minimal damage to the island’s environment. However, visiting such a remote and unique destination is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in touch with a truly exceptional environment worthy of attention and protection.


  1. Heron Island is an amazing place, thought I have never been there myself, I have been told and show that it is amazing and so is the uniqe experiance you might have there.


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