Anna Luebke - May 25, 2009
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After almost eights years, the shadow of terrorist fears is finally disappearing as the mighty crown of the Statue of Liberty reopens to the public.  One of the most typical symbols of the American Nation, their Statue of Liberty, has seen a lot in her years. Soon after the terrorist attacks on the WTC in September 2001, several popular parts of the statue have been prohibited for the public due to security measures. She simply was not constructed to accommodate an evacuation plan for an unexpected terrorist threat. While the museum gallery and observation deck were reopened to the public in 2004, the famous crown remained sealed. Unfortunately, it does not offer any emergency exit option and is only accessible by a narrow stairwell. The Bush administration was not ready to allow visitors as high; however, Barack Obama’s Minister of the Interior, Ken Salazar, recently announced the great news to the world.On July 4th, one of the most significant days for the Americans, the crown of Lady Liberty is to be reopened to the public. Once again, keen tourists may admire the charms of the New York City Skyline from any of the crown’s 25 windows. However, safety still remains a major concern and thus there will be limitations as to the number of visitors. Only 10 people will be allowed up at the same time for the duration of 20 minutes and only in the presence of a National Park Service ranger. The initial phase, as Ken Salazar explained, is aimed at having only 50,000 visitors per year reach the crown. Naturally, later on restrictions will be lifted and more people will be allowed in.Furthermore, a massive investment will be poured into the reconstruction of the Ellis Island, which once served as the immigration ‘harbor’. Millions and millions of immigrants spent their first days in the New World in these walls and thus as a part of Obama’s recovery plan, several buildings are to be refurbished.As July 4th approaches, visitor numbers seem to be increasing. Hopefully, the crown will lure even more tourists to one of U.S. most significant landmarks. It appears, that finally, after years marked by fear, America is rediscovering its spirit.  Related:NEW YORK CITY TOURISM CONTINUES TO GROW

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