Alec Hills - Oct 28, 2008

Stress, depression and tiredness are all phenomena which worry most people nowadays. Facing the hardships of demanding jobs, the rush of every single workday seems to be more and more challenging as months pass. This raising awareness resulted in an increasing number of newly opened health clinics, spa resorts, beauty salons – basically any kind of place which ensures an escape from the modern day hassle. Companies have even opened their doors to massage therapists who give short relaxing massages to the employees during lunch breaks.


Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has devoted his career to psychology. In the recent past, he has delved into a project whose aim was to create a place or a room which would provide ultimate relaxation to anyone who enters. The project is nearly finished and first volunteers have already tested its power.


Everything in the room was created according to Professor Wiseman’s research on our psyche and reactions to impulses from the world around us. The divine combination of the most comfortable setting, soothing scent, calming music together with the power of colors succeeds in establishing the desired atmosphere of a room where time and space simply disappear.


The music was carefully composed by Wiseman’s colleague, Professor of Music, Tim Blinko. He took great care to combine a harmony of comforting human voice, Tibetan singing bowl and a string ensemble. The pleasure for the ears is accompanied by a hint of lavender scent, which appears to have the most calming effect. The room is lit by a green light which proves to impact our mental state very positively.


All together this harmonious atmosphere creates a state of absolute calm and relaxation, completely unique to find anywhere around us. Fifteen minutes spent in the magic room, and one already feels like being reborn.


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