James Morris - Feb 26, 2008

Cancun, the Mexican city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, was created as the center of tourism to bring foreign exchange to the country. Cancun undoubtedly does a good job as it generates approximately 20% of the country"s tourism revenues. The spot was chosen for development in 1967 because of its wonderful surroundings. It has beautiful white-sand beaches and double-sided waterfront. All the factors make it a very popular tourism destination for honeymooners as well as for families. The city offers plentiful free time activities. Tourists can enjoy diving, golfing, whale watching, snorkeling or water-skiing. There are also plenty opportunities for shopping. Downtown is a place where the prices are more favorable. There are many supermarkets as well as flea markets. A well-known shopping place is Market 28. For nightlife lovers there are clubs and bars in Cancun.


Nonetheless, there are few things a visitor should know about the city. This area is time to time damaged by hurricanes. In October 2005 it was Hurricane Wilma and in August 2007 Hurricane Dean. Government makes steps to reconstruct this vital source of its tourism revenues. However, it is likely that beach will not look as pictured on the web or in brochures. It is advisable to check for updated photos and for recent visitors’ comments.


A visitor may like to have all-Inclusive other may like to try local restaurants. If you want to explore dining out in Cancun it is important to know that the prices in local restaurants are quite high. Tips are expected in all-inclusive resorts. A tourist should have some small bills to tip the personnel.


Drinking age is 18 in Mexico therefore with all inclusive wristbands older teenagers will have unlimited access to alcoholic drinks. Most of pools in Cancun aren"t heated therefore if the weather gets cool, the pools will too.


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