Alec Hills - Aug 14, 2007

The exclusive character of Australia is much connected to its very specific character. Some animal species that live here are nowhere else to be found; the nature of the whole continent is very rare and different; and so are its original inhabitants. There are countless attractions spread around Australia that lure tourists with all possible tastes. Those who fondly accept adventure, though also long for a cultural experience will appreciate the popular “Alice”.


“The Alice” is only a nickname for the famous town of Alice Springs. Located in the Northern Territory’s Red Centre, Alice Springs is the starting point for all who wish to explore the region. Everyone who comes here simply has to visit the magnificent Uluru, formerly known as The Ayers Rock. It is a true natural wonder, and appears at its best in the time of sunrise or sunset.


The whole area has been – for nearly 22, 000 years – inhabited by the Anangu Aboriginal tribe. Fortunately, it was officially returned to the care of the tribe in 1985; Uluru, or ‘great pebble’ in the Aboriginal language, is an enormous monolith. It is 3.6 km long and 348 meters high and is located on a vast plane. Uluru is the world’s largest rock monolith and undoubtedly the most renowned natural landmark in Australia. The Aborigines believe it is a sacred place and do not wish for the tourists to climb the Uluru. In spite of this fact, it is not forbidden and the tourists love to go for this adventure. Usually, the climb takes 1-4 hours, depending on the physical condition of each visitor.


Accommodation possibilities are vast, from modest campsites to five-star luxury hotels. The region has much more to offer. The striking cluster of 36 weathered domes called Kata Tjuta. Also, well worth visiting is Mount Conner located 100 km east of Uluru.


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