Nils Kraus - Jul 24, 2007

In British Colombia, namely the Chilcotin country, companies offer amazing holiday packages; families with any number of kids are welcome to enjoy a full-flavored horse-back riding holiday. All there is to decide is how much adventure the parents will wish for.


The families spend their free time at large ranches and take daily trips out to the country on horseback. Kids love such adventure; the nature is after all amazing here with the wildlife and breathtaking vistas.


Once back at home, no one feels exhausted and tired. Another great aspect of these trips is the fact that people won’t fall back because they are older and slower. The horses are a very comfortable yet adventurous way of exploring the country. No more sprained ankles and complaining kids. Also, older generations may value this easy option, especially when hiking is becoming a bit too challenging for their health.


Not only do the children love such holidays, the family gets to spend some quality time together and the parents find such natural experience very educating. And the best part about it is that the parents may choose to what extent their loved ones will be educated. The packages vary from thrilling experiences of a campground to comfy hot tubs and large beds. Also, complementary courses are available, teaching the tourists about the environment and survival in the wilderness.


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