Royal Penthouse Suite - The Most Expensive Suite of the World

Alec Hills - Mar 16, 2012

Considered as the Europe most spacious suite

Ideally situated, the Royal Penthouse Suite of The President Wilson hotel offers 1680 sqms with a unique panoramic view overlooking the Geneva Lake and the Alps.

Internationally reputed to be the largest and most luxurious of hotel suites, the Royal Penthouse Suite retains

its mystic…Occupying the entire eighth floor of the reknowned Geneva palace, this immense setting has been superbly rethought new private Fitness area, equipped with state of art fitness machines.

Sumptuous decor, luxurious comfort, each detail of the Royal Penthouse Suite reveals a treasure. No matter where one looks, an oeuvre d'art is for contemplation. Should it be an art deco vase; a prestigious painting, or

a Persian carpet, each object has been chosen for its unique value. It is the exigency of the hotel's director and owner, Charles Tamman, that works of art are loved and appreciated by the hotel's guests. But even

more than the  luxurious surroundings,  or  the  avant-garde  audiovisual  equipment,  the  exclusive  service proposed  by  the  hotel  far  surpasses the  standard  Swiss norm. A  subtle  perfume  emanating from  the wardrobes of the master dressing room pervades the area as if by magic. And as for the magnificent floral arrangements, these are created especially to bring a harmony to the environment.

Room with view

Captivating. Whether in the salon, bedroom or bathroom, the views of the lake are breathtaking. To one side, the  Rade  de  Genève,  to  the  other,  its  rippling  waves  extend  one's  view  to  the  surrounding mountains.  Nightime, moonlight caresses the lake and the city's lights glow in their reflection. These views have inspired well-known compositions from famous musicians residing in the Royal Penthouse Suite. The balconies and terraces overlooking the hotel pool are oriented to the south and invite farniente, sipping from one's glass whilst admiring the scenery. During a jacuzzi, or the hammam, through the glass bay windows one admires the majestic Mont Blanc; an unforgettable sight, a mystic panorama…

High Level security

The security of the Royal Penthouse Suite has nothing to do with the proximity of the UN, it is a must when you wish to host VIP guests well known such as the movie stars / show business people / heads of states. Surveillance cameras are situated in the corridors and at the entrance of the suite with video monitors located at the interior of the suite central alarm system and the hotel's alarm system. An interphone is situated at the entrance of the suite to permit identification of visitors. Entry doors (steel lining of interior), periphery walls and armoured windows (6cm width).Likewise, inside the suites there are further sliding, armoured doors to ensure isolation of specifics zones.

Anti-intrusion magnetic contacts are to be found on the terrace side of the suite. In the event of intrusion or illness, the two main bedrooms are equipped with push buttons on each side of the bed linked to the hotel's security centre. The armoured safe is human full-size and possesses its own security system with alarm and mechanical key.

Heads of State and VIPs are particular admirers of the President Wilson's Royal Penthouse Suite due to its high level security. The entire floor is armoured and equipped with security cameras, as well as a private guardroom. As for the bay windows, these are of bullet-proof glass. A private lift takes the guest(s) directly to the ground floor. Evacuation by helicopter is foreseen in case of necessity.

Constant quest for perfection


From the preparation of the Suite, until the departure of the clients, a team is entirely dedicated during the stay of the VIP guests at the Royal Penthouse Suite. A personal assistant, a chef and a butler are available

24h/24 a day to meet the desires and special requests of every VIP guest.

If the Royal Penthouse Suite is the jewel of the Hotel President Wilson, the 48 suites of the establishment are inspired by the same standards.  Each has been completely redecorated and offers first-class service, that of which only the Hotel President Wilson holds the secret...

To meet the expectations of every guest, the guest relation team is available to assist to each and every demand and to make every stay unforgettable.


Head of States


Shimon Peres (March 2011)

is the ninth President of the State of Israel


Gulnara Islomovna Karimova & Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva

Daughter of the President of Uzbekistan


Abdallah ben Abd al-Aziz ben Abd al-Rahman Al Saoud

King of Saudi Arabia


King and Queen Sayyid Abdu'llah II bin al-Hussein al Hashimi

King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


President Bill Clinton

42nd President of the United States


Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.

45th Vice-President of the United States


Prince Albert II

Prince of Monaco and head of the House of Grimaldi


King and Queen Mohammed VI

Kingdom of Morocco


Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

President of the United Arab Emirates – 1971 to 2004


Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan

Actual President of the United Arab Emirates, Emir of Abu Dhabi


Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev

President of the Soviet Union


Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak

4th President of Egypt


King and Sheikha Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

King of Bahrain

Tony Blair

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


CEO & Chairman


Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

Chairman of Virgin Group


Bill Gates

Chairman Microsoft


Ernesto Bertarelli

CEO and Deputy Chairman of Serono, Team Alinghi




Michael Douglas
Michael Jackson
Matt Damon
Sir Roger Moore
Céline Dion


Nightly rate

75 000 Swiss francs / 81 000 $ / 62 000 €


Square footage

1680  Square meters = 18’083 square feet


Number of rooms in suite

12 bedrooms


Number of bathrooms

12 bathrooms


About President Wilson


The hotel opened in 1963. The Tamman family purchased the President Hotel from Swissair and Nestlé in

1989.  The hotel  reopened in 1996 as the new President Wilson hotel  and  a 190 million Swiss Franc investment. Member of the Luxury Collection of Starwood Hotels and Resorts since 2000, Charles Tamman, Chairman and General Manager, has set the hotel on the tracks of success. Hotel President Wilson, has completed  a  €26  million  (CHF  40  million)  renovation  of  its  lobby,public  areas  and  guest  rooms.  The renovation, which started in autumn 2007, gives the iconic Hotel President Wilson a modern new feel and ensures the property is a unique expression of its location. The new design was conceived by acclaimed Swiss architects Atelier d’Architecture 3 BM3 and was inspired by the Hotel President Wilson’s magnificent setting on the banks of Lake Geneva. “Hotel President Wilson’s long-standing history of welcoming prominent people from around the world, combined with its striking location, impeccable service and renovated interior ensure that it will provide a unique and enriching experience to our guests.” comments Charles Tamman, Owner and General Manager.


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