Andrea Hausold - Apr 17, 2007

The South American country, Chile has a lot to offer. One of the well known activities here is skiing. As the seasons are reversed here, July and August are the ideal months to go. The summer months are considered a low season and top hotels are always available.


For those who are fond of water sports, the Futuleufú River is considered one of the most exciting rivers in the world for adventure activities such as kayaking and rafting. The name of the river means “Big River” or “Grand Waters”. Some sections of the river are extremely demanding and the rapids are amazing, with large pools after almost every one. It has approximately 40 miles of raftable whitewater divided into four sections.


Beginners have a great opportunity to have fun too, as the river also has some peaceful parts. The river is absolutely splendid, with spectacular alpine lakes and mountain streams. It winds its way though the lush rain forest. The weather is pleasant and mild. Wetsuits are only necessary on cool days. Trips are tailored to take up about ten days of visitors" time.


Other activities included are horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, running, fly fishing and swimming, while the hotels offer relaxing saunas, hot tubs and massages.

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