Pat Hyland - Sep 4, 2007

One of the most extraordinary bodies of water to be found on our planet lies on the border of Israel and Jordan; its character is equally striking as is its history. King Herod the Great, the legendary beautiful Cleopatra and her lover Marc Anthony…and many others discovered the magic of this “sea of salt” as the locals call it.


The Dead Sea lies on the lowest point on Earth, some 400 meters below the sea level. Here, one of the world’s first health resorts was established and its healing powers still attract tourist from all over the world.


The Dead Sea is 67 km long and 18 km wide. It is approximately nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea and that is the secret of its healing power. Many visitors who come here to relax enjoy the professional spa treatment are usually shocked when they first try to swim in its waters. Due to the high salinity, it is almost impossible to swim in the Dead Sea; generally, the holiday-makers are encouraged to simply float on the surface and let themselves be carried by the waves – and read a newspaper maybe.


The Movenpick Dad Sea resort is famous for its mood baths and diverse treatment. The very wide range of their services includes skin care, slimming and firming programs, massages, hydrobaths, and even acupuncture. Rooms at this resort start at around $200.


If the visitors have time to spare, they are welcome to travel around. Attractions worth visiting on the Israeli side are the Massada National Park – which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also, the Ein Gedi Oasis and Natural Reserve are worth a visit. Those who wish to visit Jordan shouldn’t miss out on the historic Mount Nebo or the nearby town of Madaba.


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