Cecilia Garland - Oct 14, 2008

Pregnancy-related problems are one of the most discussed topics of today. Girls getting pregnant too early, women that have babies they don’t even want and the other extreme – those who desperately want a child but can’t. Some couples spend years trying without any results. One of the options which appear to be most successful in this case is the IVF (in vitro fertilization). The procedure itself may be a very mentally demanding one, especially the sterile setting of the clinics, the stress about how the procedure will end up, etc. In Australia, women now have a unique opportunity to combine their attempts with an ultimate beauty and relaxation holiday.


The Cairns fertility center has the potential to become a number one spot for medical tourism in Australia. It will be located near the Great Barrier Reef and plenty of other eye-catching attractions.  According to the ambitious plans, the building is to offer everything one may want – GP’s, doctors, a gym, spas, massage parlors, swimming pools, even surgeons for cosmetic procedures.  Of course, there is to be a 5* luxurious accommodation space for couples that come here in the hope of having a baby. An appealing commercial area with plenty of restaurants is also part of the ambitious idea.


Basically, Cairns fertility center as envisaged is to become a haven of peace and quiet for women that need to gain their balance at one of the hardest and most important moments of their lives. Making this easier for them by delivering luxurious top-level services is an incredible step forward – one that has long been awaited.


  1. Whatever happened to this new wonderfull centre ?
    there is no information available for it anywhere. no opening dates and no contact details. was it just a dream ?


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