Sara Thopson - Jan 23, 2007

Tour operators in the south- American state of Argentina have recently won great numbers of adventure tourists. The new “product” they came up with is both amusing and thrilling; almost a week-long cattle drive and horseback trek are the new hit of adventure travel.


The vacation starts in Buenos Aires, and then tourists proceed to San Martin de los Andes. Here they are to spend two days at Estancia Huechahue, which is run by and Anglo-Argentinian family. While at this location, the adventurers are expected to accompany native gauchos and help them herd and drive the cattle through rivers, across prairie lands, eventually delivering a herd of over 300 Hereford cattle to their grazing ground on the shore of Lake Lolog.



This exclusive experience also includes a four-day trek on horseback in the Lanin National Park with mighty Andes in the background. A two-day stay in Buenos Aires gives some change at the end of holydays. Such tour has quickly become a favorite for tourists from all over the world, and belongs to the top ten products of Adventure travel.



However, cattle drives and horseback riding are not the only example of Argentina’s adventure potential. Natural diversity creates unique opportunities. In lower mountains with their hills and cliffs, paragliding is the right thing to offer. Local wild and crystal clear rivers create a great opportunity for rafting or kayaking trips. The sierras and the high summits are ideal for mountaineering, trekking or even climbing.


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