Andrew J. Wein - Feb 5, 2008

Going on a family holiday seems to be the event children are sometimes excited about for most of the year. However the question most parents ask is how to put together a holiday, which will keep their little ones happy and always ‘busy’ in order for the whole family to enjoy their free time together. There are many appealing attractions for both children and their parents around the world.


What is more tempting for visitors of any age than a mysterious castle whose dark walls breathe the atmosphere of magic and the supernatural? Shakespeare lovers will fall in love with the infamous Danish Castle Elsinore – the mythical home of one of the most popular literary figures: Hamlet. Built in the 16th century, the castle is full of secret passages and casemates inviting to be explored.


People who love horror stories and who feel that scaring their children every once in a while doesn’t hurt, should head for Romania. Here, deep in the mighty Carpathian Mountains a legend was born, about the immortal and much dreaded count Dracula. In fact, Vlad Tepes, a Romanian prince who has much in common with his literary follower once lived in a Gothic stronghold Bran. His home strikes visitors with numerous secret passageways, hidden courtyards, tricky staircases and the chilling shades dangerously reminding one of vampires lurking behind random corners to suck one’s blood.


If the parents look for absolute amazement rather than horror-like experience, visiting the Versailles Chateau in France is a great choice. Its impressive and luxurious structure leaves one breathless. The very expensive equipments of its 700 rooms, the popular Hall of Mirrors (with 357 mirrors placed along one another) or the world-famous gardens are a definite must-see spectacle.


Similar wondrously breathtaking palaces are the Topkapi Palalace in Istanbul, Turkey and the Gu Gong in Beijing, China. Both remind their dumbfound visitors of the once magnificent history and fame of the countries.


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