Chris Grad - Sep 23, 2008

The need for a quality relaxation time and stress relief has become very crucial in our busy world. Spa resorts and therapy centers are being opened all over the world and their clientele is increasing very quickly. Getting massages has been something people have been seeking out for centuries. Especially in the Eastern cultures, massage is one of the most traditional pain and stress relief procedures. As the popularity of massages increases, many new techniques are being invented in order to offer a more varied palette of choices. Using hot stones may seem strange on first hearing. However this fairly new kind of massage is gaining many fans.


Even though hot stone massage may appear like something easily done, it requires great skill and experience and the technique should not be underestimated. It involves a set of smooth heated stones of all possible shapes and sizes which are initially placed on the body. Instantly, the heat has a soothing effect on the muscles and the process of pain relief starts immediately.


The therapist applies oil on the muscles and uses the stones to actually perform the massage. The technique combines both applying pressure and massaging the body.


What is crucial is the skill of the therapist and whoever wishes to enjoy a hot stone massage should learn about the proficiency of whoever is going to massage them. Close cooperation is also advisable, especially with regard to the temperature of the stones and pressure applied.


This new technique is becoming widely popular, and there appear many new special ‘touches’ each year. The hot stone massage appeared in spa resorts some fifteen years ago and now has its devotees all over the world. Some massage salons even offer a unique four-hand massage or even substitute hot stones by chilly ones.


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