Bill Alen - Mar 25, 2008

Among the numerous Asian countries which draw attention of entrepreneurs and global market specialists, there are several which seem to be claiming more attention and applause. China, South Korea, even Vietnam, nowadays seem to be fighting over their legitimate economical status. One of these promising countries is without doubt the great India. Apart from its unique cultural background and heritage, the country is a growing economical power which does not wish to be left behind. As the economy blossoms, services are improving dramatically. One of the most exciting new aspects of local leisure travel is the Golden Chariot.


The Golden Chariot is actually a train which by far exceeds all previous expectations. It has been designed specifically for businessmen who tend to make use of every free minute of their day. The Golden Chariot is the first train of its kind as never before did a tourists train open its doors for businessmen.


Each Monday the train sets on the seven-day journey through India. The Golden Chariot leaves from Bangalore and travels through Mysore, Kabini, Hassan, Hospet, Goa and eventually returns to Bangalore. Its cabins are fully air-conditioned; each of them is equipped with an LCD television, DVD, satellite, and – most importantly – wireless Internet connection. Private bathroom are naturally part of the available facilities.


There are several conference rooms on the train, thus meetings and conventions may be held here at any time. The price of each journey reaches an estimated $3,395; however the guests get a unique opportunity to explore the most appealing aspects of India and combine their travel with the necessary load of work which they deem impossible to leave behind.

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