Ashley Nault - Mar 18, 2008

March 8th is a special day for the entire female community anywhere around the globe. It is the International Women’s Day and it celebrates not only women that have accomplished many great things and in some way exceeded the expected standard and culturally-given expectations. It is also a day when women should truly enjoy their womanhood and realize that they need to take some time off for themselves. This trend has been becoming widely popular during the past few decades as women from all over the place travel with their girlfriends to more and more challenging destinations.


Emancipation is in style today and women no longer wish to stay behind their husbands’/boyfriends’ frequent ‘guys-only nights out’. They wish to leave their numerous daily chores behind and get an opportunity to explore an interesting destination as well. In fact, female travel has become the fastest growing trend in the travel industry in recent years.


Initially, girlfriends headed for luxurious spa resorts and spent their free weekend getaways in beauty salons and diverse spa treatment chambers. However, this trend has changed rapidly.


Whether it is hiking in Canadian National Parks or cycling in Cuba, the female adventurers are ready to take more risk and go for a less comfortable yet more so exciting quest. Dozens of travel agencies have started to focus on this specific target group and have designed special packages for the adventurous women.


As women travel alone, there are very many aspects of their traveling that need to be taken into account prior to their departure. Especially safety is a very big issue that requires great attention, as well as local habits, the traditional culture of each destination and the social status of women in the particular country. Thus, absorbing all the information helps avoid potential unpleasant hiccups along the trip and eventually, the globetrotting girls get the most of their long desired getaway.


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