Ashley Nault - Feb 5, 2008

Cruise line operators compete on an annual basis to win over more travelers. It is a question of prestige and great reputation to always go the extra mile and introduce something even more appealing and striking to potential clients. Royal Caribbean has revealed the ace up their sleeve and proudly announced a launch of their new cruise ship.


The International Project Genesis will introduce this world’s largest cruise ship of all times. The numbers are very surprising; it is supposed to be some 40% larger than any other cruise ship. The future queen of the oceans is to be 1,180 feet long, 154 feet wide and 240 feet high. When at full capacity, the ship will be ready to welcome an unbelievable 6,400 guests.


At this very moment, the spectacular ship is being constructed in Turku, Finland. According to the Royal Caribbean representatives, the cruise liner is to enter service in autumn 2009. For the first year of its service, the ship will be based in Ft. Lauderdale’s Port Everglades, Florida.


In order for such a precious jewel to be completed, the company is willing to invest an incredible $1.24 billion. This sum includes every piece of equipment from the paint to the very last fork. And it is no lie to state that every aspect of this ship is going to be a special topic for discussion; most likely, it’s not going to compete only in matters of size, but also in customer services and luxury.


The very appealing news for anyone who enjoys following the cruise business is the idea Royal Caribbean came up with. As no decision was passed on what to name the ship, there is an open contest. Anyone who feels an intense strike of inspiration should send in their suggestion and who knows – the world’s largest ship may be carrying the name you invented.


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