James Morris - Nov 13, 2007

The tourist industry is one of the most profitable industry branches globally. Each country is fighting to attract more and more tourists every year; what is a key aspect of visiting an appealing destination are the local services. Especially accommodation represents a very important feature the tourists care about. If they like where they are staying, the chances of their being content in general increase to a large extent. Lately, architects have been competing to create more and more astonishing hotels in the most unbelievable locations. There is a hotel in a 5000 year-old cave and plans have been made to establish a hotel in space on the orbit. And soon, a unique hotel will open in the Arabian Gulf near Dubai. It will rest on the seabed.


Tourists who do not particularly enjoy diving or swimming are the ones who will definitely enjoy the Hydropolis hotel and appreciate the peacefulness of life under water. The unique


L300 million project is supposed to be the first sub-marine hotel in the world. And it will be grand. Hydropolis will extend on an area of 260 hectares. The building site is a beach – actually a precious privately owned beach belonging to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.


The venue will consist of three elements – the land station, the connecting tunnel used for transporting guests by train to the main area of the hotel. The luxurious 220 suites will be welcoming visitors – 20 meters below the surface.


The unique architectural plan actually resembles human organism. The design will be a direct analogy between the physiology of man and architecture. Clearly, such extremely ambitious project is financially very demanding and to provide sponsoring was quite a challenge. However, the authors of the project finally succeeded and currently, there are 150 firms involved.


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