Wayne M. Gore - Sep 2, 2008

Green tourism is getting more and more popular among people. Particularly Europeans are interested in responsible tourism and demand environmentally friendly holydays. Tourism industry players therefore have to pay more attention to the issues like energy efficiency, water conservation or waste management.


The growing popularity of green tourism is supported by various organizations. There is for example the Green World Travel Awards that will take place for the first time this year. Thousands of travel agents and travel industry professionals will decide who shall receive these ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry. The awards will be given to the best Conservation Company, Eco-Lodge, Eco-friendly Airport, Green Hotel, Green Transport Solution Company and so on. The awards already have global reputation and they will provide a welcomed boost to the green tourism promotion. Graham E. Cook, the founder and chairman of World Travel Awards, claims that the awards will help to stimulate action that preserves the world, its culture and heritage.


The ceremony will take place in Slovakian AquaCity on 16 October. The resort is an exceptional example of a green venue. It is almost self energy sustainable as it uses geothermal water and solar energy. Compared to the resorts that gain energy from burning fossil fuels it prevents approximately 27 tones of carbon from entering the atmosphere each day. Its location in Poprad makes it a luring tourism destination since the region has rich cultural heritage as well as numerous natural beauties.


  1. This is yet another step forwards to assist companys in promoting the socially responsible business model. It isnt hard to do, you just have to think before you act...


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