Ashley Nault - Apr 1, 2008

Thailand is one of the most frequented countries in Asia; for diverse reasons, tourists from all over the globe come here to absorb its exotic character and charismatic culture. The country’s foremost city, Bangkok is a true tourist magnet – anything a tourist may possibly want to see or experience is to be found right here. Culinary enthusiasts who are fond of experiment and tend to constantly search the world for new challenging restaurants to satisfy their hunger for innovation and style will be thrilled to discover Bangkok’s gem – the Bed Supper Club.


This ever-so-trendy restaurant is simply unbelievable. Bangkok does have a tricky reputation of a city with a constantly ongoing variation of taste and preference. Fancy restaurants come and go as to satisfy the unpredictable clientele here is a real challenge. The Bed Supper Club is therefore even more valuable. This chameleon among restaurants is somehow able to swiftly adjust to any slight change in the preferences of local rather spoilt customers.


The menu changes on a weekly basis, so do the popular cocktails and of course the evening program is so colorful it is fairly impossible to criticize it. However, the most appealing aspect of this place are its tables – in fact, there are none. As soon as a visitor arrives, he takes his shoes off, lies down to relax in a couch/bed, enjoy the atmosphere and the amazing food. During the week, visitors are ‘exposed’ to the delights of the chef’s unbeatable specials, yet at weekend a different kind of culinary fun starts.


Diners are expected to arrive before 8:30 pm. There is unfortunately only one single sitting for the infamous surprise four-course menu. The bar staff is unbelievably lovely and the whole setting of the place is extraordinary, local design modern and fashionable. The program will also satisfy a demanding visitor – there are singers, dancers, interactive performers, artists – anything to keep the customers content and surprised all the time.


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