Chris Grad - Nov 13, 2007

The strikingly diverse Asian country of India has become one of the most attractive destinations on this continent. Its very traditional culture that differs so much from the one of the western world is very interesting for any visitor. There are several must-see places in India, and one of them is the city of Mumbai. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is without doubt the largest metropolis of India. It has a population of nearly 18 million and is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located off the west coast and initially, in colonial times, it was supposed to represent the gateway to India. Nowadays it is a sympathetic and modern city, known to be the home of Bollywood.


There are several appealing sites here; the ideal start for an exploration tour is the highest point in downtown Mumbai, on Malabar Hill with the striking Jain Temple. In the vicinity of the temple, there are the well kept Hanging Gardens – which offer the perfect opportunity to relax and eat lunch after walking up the Malabar Hill.


Those who admire Mahatma Gandhi should visit the Mani Bhavan Mahatma Gandhi Museum. Located close to the Chowpatty Beach, this tiny house is very exciting. Visitors may sneak a quick look at some of Mahatma’s writings or see his room, which is preserved behind glass.


Another charming landmark of Mumbai is the Crawford market, an astounding old British building, built in 1871, or the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly known as Victoria Terminus), often described as the most impressive example of British Gothic architecture in India.


The adventurous souls looking for the tough aspect of Mumbai may visit Dharavi – local slum. Here, nearly a million locals live on an area of just 2 square kilometers. Tourists may wonder around as much as they like, or even take a guide and get the interesting background info as well.


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