Bill Alen - Jul 10, 2007

The East African country of Tanzania is praised for its unbelievably rich tourist potential. Its natural treasures are outstanding; with its 15 national parks, 29 game reserves teeming with unique animals, and striking sceneries, Tanzania is considered a true tourist gem.


Many visitors who come here long to see Mt Kilimanjaro, alias ‘the Roof of Africa’ or world’s second largest lake Victoria, and Selus – the largest game reserve in the world.


On the other hand, its popularity as a tourist destination is somewhat tricky. Thousands of tourists who travel around the parks present a threat to the environment. The government in cooperation with the Tanzania Tourist Board and The World Bank has decided to launch ambitious projects aimed to enlarge the protected area, issue necessary restrictions and create alternative attractions that would contribute to the diverse character of the country.


The most important short-term project includes the very necessary reconstruction of roads, which are – according to all reports – in critical state. Transport across the country is therefore a very negative experience for all visitors. Also, a better infrastructure may lead the tourists to more remote areas and thus decrease the pressure on the favored places.


The government wishes to promote Tanzania’s culture as well; gaining tourist interest in local traditions, ritual sites and sacred places of worship is a number-one option, as it may bring profit mainly to local poor rural communities.


In general, Tanzania needs to improve tourist services. The construction of international standard hospitality and tourist training institutes, easing the procedures of acquiring visas and work permits for travellers and investors appear to be the main priority. With international assistance, Tanzania has every chance of becoming a major tourist magnet.


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