Pat Hyland - Apr 29, 2008

Even though it is not a big country, Costa Rica belongs to the most attractive Caribbean countries. Its wondrous cultural diversity is very visible anywhere one looks; the natural beauty is almost equal to kitsch. There is an unbelievably large number of ways of how to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Costa Rica, whether it’s on horseback, bike, foot, or wheel.


Local tropical beaches are plentiful and anyone spending one afternoon here would claim that this is what paradise looks like. Reef diving is one of the most popular activities here; the ideal location are the Cahuita and Puerto Vargas’ beach. Local waters are swarming with a surprising variety of colorful fish and the multiple kinds of healthy coral are extremely appealing.


Other outdoor activities favored by the restless kind of tourist include horseback riding and hiking. The best places for riding tours are in communities such as Tortuguero, Limón, Cahuita, and Manzanillo. Hiking with or without guide is possible in Costa Rica; natural charms of this country are highly regarded by all travelers, as well as local historical, architectural, social and cultural attractions.


A beach which should not be missed out on any itinerary is the Tortuguero Beach. Not only is it an amazing place to hike; in fact it belongs to the area of Tortuguero National Park. Local diverse fauna and flora are extremely appealing – and the most famous exemplars are four species of sea turtles which come here annually to nest.


Costa Rican population is a fascinating mixture of Afro-Costa Ricans, Bribri and Cabecár, Asian, Italian and Central American. The outcome is a cultural environment well worth observing; pleasant music, great food, friendly people and lively traditions are a very welcome combination which wins over even the most demanding traveler to discover Costa Rica.


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