William Law - Mar 28, 2011
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The list of the 10 dirtiest hotels in Europe was published last month by TripAdvisor. Nicknamed ‘The List of Shame’, the classification is dominated by three destinations on Turkey's Aegean coast, and establishments in the cities of London and Amsterdam.


Two hotels in Turkey are high on the list, followed by four establishments in London and four in Amsterdam. The Aqua Club Gumbet is the winner this year. On TripAdvisor, one client described the place as ‘incredibly dirty’ and another client compared it to ‘hell on earth’. A netizen even specifies that a family of rats reside in the hotel. The second on the list is the Hotel Altin Orfe. It is so dirty that a traveler warns: ‘enter at your own risk’.  

The City of London is no exception on the list. This popular destination offers some of the most beautiful places in the world. However, it is also a metropolis with 4 establishments with questionable sanitary rules. The Cromwell Crown, ranking 3rd, is called ‘the worst hotel ever seen’ and is a heaven for rodents, fungi in bathrooms and soiled mattresses. The Corbigoe is no better. According to an Internet user, it is ‘a dirty hole’. Like the Park Hotel and Tudor Inn & Blair Victoria Hotel whose clients say it is better to stay away from these facilities.

Amsterdam has its candidates on the list too. Four of its hotels ‘have made it’ to the rankings this year: Hotels Lantaerne, Y Boulevard, The Globe and Manofa. According to a client, the first should simply be ‘demolished’. The third on the other hand ‘welcomes more mice than customers’. The hotels on the list do not even respect the basic rules of hygiene and do not follow the codex of the hospitality industry. “The owners of the hotels that appear on the list more than once should be ashamed even more” concludes Emma O'Boyle, the spokesperson for TripAdvisor.


The complete list of the dirtiest European hotels:

1. Aqua Club Gumbet in Gumbet (Turkey)

2. Orfe Altin Hotel in Icmeler (Turkey)

3. London Cromwell Crown

4. Corbigoe hotel in London

5. Park Hotel in London

6. Lantaerne hotel in Amsterdam

7. Y Boulevard Hotel Amsterdam

8. Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel London

9. Manofa hotel in Amsterdam

10.Hôtel The Globe Amsterdam

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