Anna Luebke - Oct 21, 2008

Usually, people tend to differentiate between restaurants with respect to the cuisine they offer. There are renowned places with outstanding reputation that lure visitors with delicately structured menus. There is however a new category of restaurants which attract with their level of invention. To shock customers seems to have become a very profitable business. Whether it is a bizarre location, such as air, or shape of the building and the setting, the most extraordinary idea wins.


A recently opened venue in Singapore will take one’s breath away, to put it mildly. It’s very accurate name “The Clinic” is a powerful magnet – one that is both tempting and mystifying. The infamous Clinic is a multipurpose site which includes bars, dance club, a peculiar restaurant and a merchandize center. The thirteen pill-shaped rooms carry juicy names such as Morphine (the dance floor) or the Delirium lounge.


Nothing in the venue is untrue to its image: the friendly doctors and nurses always keep the guests satisfied. While chatting in their golden wheelchairs, the visitors discuss what delicious cocktail to taste first: “Nitro Sangria” or “Sex on a Drip”? The preparation of local highly-specialized 13-course menu is a grand show of its own. The chemical lab alias kitchen becomes the site of mind-blowing experiments which result in ambitious creations served on kidney-shaped stainless steel plates.


The sterile setting comes with a twist; the Clinic is in fact a shrine to the popular artist Damian Hirst - whose art seems to add the place the touch of perfection.


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