Ashley Nault - Oct 23, 2007

The Caribbean chain of islands belongs to the most attractive vacation destination in the world. Cruise ships take thousands of tourists to these crystal clear waters that are widely admired for the stunningly diverse marine life. Scuba divers seem to not get enough of the Caribbean; even though the whole area has a flattering reputation, some destinations are considered better than others. The Cayman Islands are often referred to as one of the top ten diving destinations on the planet.


The three islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman – are the most prosperous in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman is the most tempting of the three islands, attracting tourists with an astonishing selection of restaurants, hotels, bars, and many other appealing venues.


Tourists should not miss out on visiting the famous Turtle Farm. It is a breeding farm where visitors get a unique opportunity to observe these ancient giants from a close-up look. They measure approximately six feet in length and weigh about six hundred pounds.


Another popular attraction is the Stingray city. Many tourists believe that the friendliest stingrays live here. They are used to being fed, and once the tourists arrive, the stingrays immediately appear, waiting to be served some delicious squid.


The Cayman Islands are also famous for the widely shared concern for the environment. As early as 1986, strict marine laws were passed to establish a marine park system and to protect the coral reefs. Protecting the environment is a topic the local inhabitants are deeply committed to, however, as the numbers of tourists who come here rapidly increases, more restrictions will be needed to preserve the fragile beauty of the Cayman Islands.


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