Anna Luebke - Jan 13, 2009

Despite the global financial crisis affecting the airline industry to such an extent that record losses are expected to be announced in years to come, there will always be one type of traveller staying loyal to the airline business and that is, of course, the business traveller. These are people who simply have no choice but to live in airplanes and be in the air for a large proportion of their working time.

These are the people who recognize the airplane crew in the airport hotel or airport lounge, wake up during a flight and tend to forget where they are flying to or collect inadvertently masses of foreign currency coins before forgetting which countries they originally came from. These are clear signs of travelling too much, which a number of businessmen and women suffer on a regular basis if their work involves a busy travel schedule.

Travelling so frequently carries a number of health risks, which can be overcome by applying some common sense. The first thing to remember is that, if money is not an issue, travelling business class can reduce a lot of stress in the air. It also gives the passenger the chance to be able to choose something healthier from the menu and avoid fatty or salty foods. Other important things to remember are that a full days rest is required to recover from passing over into new time zones and that plenty of fluids, with the exception of alcohol, are absolutely vital to staying healthy in the air.

Some business passengers regularly visit portals informing them about the most comfortable aircraft or overcrowded flights. However, common sense should always prevail to avoid such mistakes as travelling on Thursday or Friday when most people depart on holiday.


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