Michael Trout - Jan 30, 2007

Germany is a diverse country with rich historical background, beautiful scenery and charming city life; in order to meet the tourists’ demand, special travel routes to explore the country have been created.



One of the most popular routes is the so called Romantic Road. For almost fifty years, this 350 km long route has been leading tourists through rich and varied landscape. The route goes along the river Main and through the Franconian wine country to the Alps. It starts in Wűrtzburg and allows visiting the most charming historic towns. The route takes visitors through the enchanting Tauber valley, the Nőrdlinger Ries, the picaresque Parson’s corner – a land of farmers, artists and monks – that spreads along the foothills of the Upper Bavarian Alps, to fairytale castles before arriving to Fűssel.



The dream of all enthusiasts who share a passion for castles is definitely The Castle Road, specifically designed for a single purpose of exploring more than 70 German castles and of giving an insight into the German past. The route is 450 km long. The whole ‘package’ comes with a beautiful bonus: while moving on, the tourists may observe the most fascinating sceneries of German nature.



The German Toy Road is family friendly. Kids, parents, collectors…all will love the numerous museums, toy manufacturers and parks, for example, the Playmobile Fun Park.


Tourists of all ages will also appreciate the Fairy Tale Road, as is takes them not only to the home of famous fairy tale characters but also to the house where the German Grimm Brothers, famous fairy-tale collectors, lived.



For those, who appreciate architecture, the European Route of Brick Gothic architecture is the one to take.



The Alpine Road is supposed to accent the natural beauties of German landscape.



Wine lovers will enjoy the famous Wine Route, which is short but hardly forgettable.


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