Chris Grad - Feb 13, 2007

Whale watching sounds like a quite thrilling experience; however, probably the most terrifying yet awesomely tempting activity an adventure tourist may go for these days is shark-diving.


Many companies that offer diving as one of the activities included in their vacation packages have started adding shark-diving to their list.


There are several types of sharks here: Reef sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, and Basking sharks. The one whose name the public fears the most is the most ‘wanted’ – the Great White shark. The only way of a close encounter with these creatures is – for safety reasons – from a cage.


Bait is dragged behind the boat and once the right moment approaches, the diver jumps into the cage and enjoys the view. Adventurers who have experienced such a close encounter advise others to try it. To them, there is nothing better in the world.


The ideal location to find great whites is South Africa and Australia, and less traveled locations such as Isla Guadalupe and Honduras. The companies already offer all-inclusive week-long sea trips, adding the bonus of most luxurious food on board. All equipment is included. The trip is ideal not only for individual divers, but selected dive groups, corporate groups worldwide, professional filmmakers, and larger parties of divers may take part in this unbelievable adventure. The crew is experienced and competent and will provide any kind of information sought by the divers. However, one-day trips are also available, and the tourists who are not eager to get too personal with the sharks, may go for special deal that enable them to observe the animals from the boats.

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