Cecilia Garland - Apr 17, 2007

About two hours flying time from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, lies a nine-island archipelago which amazes its visitors with striking natural scenery and marine life. The Azores, discovered in 1427, are of volcanic origin and, lacking in white sandy beaches, they are not a typical holiday resort.


Many visitors come to admire the strange volcanic formations with blue lakes inside the craters, volcanic caves, sheer black cliffs and rugged mountains. Legend has it that the islands are the tips of the highest mountains of the mythological Atlantis. Those who are interested in strange geological formations should visit the caves at Algar do Carvao on Terceira Island.


When visiting the Azores, visitors can play golf on the largest of the islands – San Miguel. One of the best ways to explore the island is by means of the local Jeep Safari. English speaking drivers take you on a tour around the west side of the island.


However, the number one tourist attraction in the Azores is whale and dolphin watching. Nearly twenty species of whales have been identified in the seas around here and there are also opportunities to swim with dolphins. Daily trips are available, with boats departing from the island of Pico and Faial.


Scuba diving possibilities are vast and those visitors who are fond of fishing can depart from Ponta Delgada on San Miguel with the “Rabao” crew and spend a day fishing out in the ocean.

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