Cecilia Garland - Feb 7, 2011
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As the competition in airline industry is growing, the airport in Vienna strives to attract higher number of passengers. In order to do that, a new runway is being built and construction work in other parts of the airport is under way.


Europe is a continent with the highest concentration of airline hubs in the world. Each hub is very important for the economy of a given region. A study published on at the end of 2010 was concerned mainly with the airport in Vienna. Unfortunately, the results of the study were not very encouraging. The representatives of the airport should get ready for a major competition with other European hubs.

The greatest problem currently lies in long-haul flights as demand for such flights in Vienna is very low. If the representatives want to stand the chance in the competition, they need to make the long-haul flights more interesting for the passengers.

However, other European hubs are not doing much better than Vienna because the airlines from Gulf region began to implement a completely new and successful strategy for air navigation. They started operating long distance flights too thus taking considerable number of passengers from European airports including Vienna. If the airport in Vienna is to succeed in the competition, its representatives must act quickly.

Unfortunately, planned improvements at the airport in Vienna are more and more delayed. The new terminal was originally planned to start operating in 2008. However, there were several setbacks and the construction was stopped in spring 2009. Finally, the end of the construction was postponed to 2012. Another problem is the construction of the third runway as the ending date for the work has not been decided yet. As the airport is operating at its full capacity, the representatives should speed up the building work as much as possible, especially if they want to beat the competition.

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