James Morris - Nov 21, 2006

One of the must-see locations for tourists with an apetite for adventure is without doubt the diverse Nepal. Especially the area surrounding world’s famous Mount Everest, the Sagarmatha National Park, is very tempting, with it’s varied offer of miscellaneous activities.


Trekking belongs among the popular ones. Most treks lead through the Middle Hills region, where areas lie between 500m and 3000m above sea level. This sport is not exceptionally physically demanding, the tourists can usually manage without using ropes or special mountaineering equipment. On the other hand, they should be in good shape.


There are many circuits being offered. Among the favourite ones belongs the Anapurna circuit or the 18 day trekking trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Fortunately, Nepal finally opened many treks that used to be off limits to foreign travellers. This means, new routes are about to be accessible.


A much more thrilling experience is, of course, mountaineering. It is physically challenging, and experience is required. Therefore, anyone interested should contact the adventure company to find out exactly what the rules and restrictions are.


The very popular mountain biking presents a unique opportunity to explore the charms and wonders of Nepal. The travellers ride through small towns and settlements, past monasteries, over mountain passes; Biking is another amusing way of experiencing the striking diversity of this Asian country.


Both professional rafters and beginners are invited to try white-river rafting. The adventure companies in Nepal offer a variety of river tours and also provide experienced guides; just drifting along presents a perfect chance to admire local natural beauties.


Very popular among adventure travelers are the jungle safaris. The visitors may enjoy the wildlife in a four wheel drive, or chose a slower yet exciting elephant ride. The wonderful birds and interesting creatures, the amazing vegetation...this is another aspect of Nepal not to be missed. Don’t forget your binoculars!


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