Tomas Haupt - Jul 10, 2007

Tourists who prefer to spend their summers performing any of the water sports will surely fall in love with Maine. There are two particular destinations favored by tourists – the Forks and Millinocket. What makes the rivers here so unique is the fact that they are dam-controlled; even in the midst of the driest summers there is plenty of water on the Kennebec, Penobscot and Dead Rivers. The beauty of Maine especially when perceived from the exciting raft ride is extraordinary.


There are many outfitters who offer various adventure packages. Families with little children may appreciate that, as the rivers are very often ranked class IV or even V and therefore are too dangerous for kids. The minimum age varies by company, though it is usually between twelve and fifteen. Luckily, there are several sections ranked class III and even the little ones are encouraged to try.


Another great advantage of whitewater rafting is that the tourists don’t need any previous training. The licensed guides are qualified enough and basically just give out simple orders anyone comprehends. Part of the preparations, however, is a safety course.


As far as accommodation goes, the tourists may enjoy the old classic – the friendly fire and sleeping bag. Those who prefer a more luxurious sleep may chose the comfort of Bed and Breakfast or even the lakeside vacation cabins. Water sport lovers have – of course – other opportunities to satisfy their adventure longing. Kayaking and canoeing, fishing or even hunting are other activities anyone can enjoy. There are also several natural reserves and parks well worth visiting.


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