Richard Moor - Jun 28, 2010

In recent years, NASA has been issuing severe warnings about the upcoming solar activity. They predict that solar flares are very likely to have catastrophic consequences on our lives in 2013.


Catastrophic films suggesting the end of the world in 2013 were often considered ridiculous. However, as recent scientific studies delved more on the subject, it has become apparent that there is a serious threat to our lives which is becoming nearly inevitable. All eyes are now on the Sun and its activity as in 2013, solar flares are likely to have a deep impact on our planet.

This is no longer a hoax or a bad movie; Dr. Richard Fisher, the director of NASA's Heliophysics division, openly admits "we know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it’s going to be". From a scientific point of view, two phenomena are bound to occur in 2013 thus combining its force and effect. What NASA warns about is the impact of the solar flares which may damage everything from emergency services, satelites, all electric systems and devices, communications, computers - anything and everything electronic. For a world which mostly runs on computers, this is very bad news, indeed.

The scientific reasoning behind the 2013 scare features two phenomena. The storm is not a completely unusual event; in fact, it does occur a few times in a person’s life without any major consequence. During such a storm, the Sun may reach as high as 5,500 degrees Celsius. In three years, however, the Sun’s magnetic energy cycle will peak as well and will result in the solar flares. Both events combined will therefore have a much more intense effect on the life on Earth and thus there is a valid reason for concern.

Many countries have already accepted the reality and are now starting their preparations. They want to be able to deal with all the potential threats of a fall-down of all communications. We can only hope such reality will not be as severe as current scientific outlook.


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